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Description: TEST SET FOR PS-850() / PS-855( )
Equivalent OEM: Goodrich/L3/Jet
Equivalent MN: JT138A
Equivalent PN: 570-7996-01
Units Tested:
PS-850( )
PS-855( )

Operational Description:
The ASI-196-1 is designed to facilitate testing and charging of the Goodrich /L3 /Jet PS-850( ) and PS-855( ) Emergency Power Supplies.

The ASI-196-1 provides the capability for ""by the book"" testing and charging procedures for the PS-850( ) and PS-855( ).

The ASI-196-1 comes complete with the test interconnect cable for the PS-850( ) and the PS-855( ).

Height: 8.75 inches Width: 19 inches Depth: 9.5 inches
Power: 0-40 VDC

Availability: ASI Dealer

Equipment Supplied:
ASI MN Equivalent PN Description
ASI-19-61A  570-7997-01  CABLE: ASI-196-1 TO PS-850( ) / PS-855( ) 

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