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Equivalent OEM: COLLINS
Equivalent MN: 477U-2
Equivalent PN: 522-2710-000
Units Tested:
DF-202G: 51Y-3, 179L-1, 614L-2, 440L-3
DF-203: 51Y-4/4A, 614L-8
DF-206: 51Y-7/7A, 614L-11/12/13

Operational Description:
The ASI-192 ADF Antenna Simulator is used in conjunction with the ASI-192 (477V-2) for testing the Collins DF203/206 ADF Systems. The ASI-192 can also be used in conjunction with a Collins 477V-1 to test the DF-202G ADF system. The ASI-192 provides simulated loop and sense signals to the ADF receiver. Relative direction of the simulated signal is controlled by the front panel knob geared to a pointer on a 360"" scale. Corresponding bearing from the receiver is displayed on the radio compass bearing indicator.

Availability: ASI Dealer

Equipment Supplied:
Height: 7 inches Width: 19 inches Depth: 6 inches
ASI MN Equivalent PN Description
ASI-19-2A  549-6540-003  CABLE: ASI-192 (477U-2) SENSE CABLE 
ASI-19-2B  544-5037-002  CABLE: ASI-192 (477U-2) RF SIM CABLE 
ASI-19-2C  549-6545-004  CABLE: ASI-192 (477U-2) LOOP ANT CABLE 

Optional Equipment:
ASI MN Equivalent PN Description Availability
ASI-19-2D  554-6109-004  CABLE: ASI-192 (477U-2) LOW CAP SENSE ADAPTER CABLE  ASI Dealer 
ASI-184  792-6209-001  FAULT ISOLATION PANEL  ASI Dealer 
ASI-193  522-2711-002  ADF-TEST SET (WITH 3 CABLES)  ASI Dealer 
ASI-233    51Y-7 RF BAL ADJ TEST FIXTURE (51Y-7 MAN FIG 1002 - 1004)  ASI Dealer 
ASI-234    51Y-7 50 OHM PROBE (51Y-7 MAN FIG 1005)  ASI Dealer 
ASI-235    51Y-7 SPECIAL SOLDER TIP (51Y-7 MAN FIG 1006)  ASI Dealer 

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