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Description: RTA-4A RADAR TEST SET
Equivalent OEM: BENDIX
Equivalent MN: RST-4A
Equivalent PN: 2041797-0401
Units Tested:
RTA-4A/RDR-4A Weather Radar System

Operational Description:
The ASI-169-2 Portable Radar Test Set interfaces to the ATE connectors of the Bendix RT A-4A Receiver Transmitter for testing purposes.

The Test Set provides the capability of one step and automatic display of all circuit module fault codes stored in the RTA-4A fault memory, starting with the last stored fault code. It provides the ability to erase all stored fault codes and to cut off transmission of fault codes to the PPI during RDR-4A system test. The ASI-169-2 is enclosed in a lightweight, rugged plastic case.

Height: 8 inches Width: 8.5 inches Depth: 4 inches
Power: From UUT

Availability: ASI Dealer

Equipment Supplied:
ASI MN Equivalent PN Description
ASI-16-92A  3611841-0001  TEST PLACARD 

Optional Equipment:
ASI MN Equivalent PN Description Availability
ASI-742  2041589-0401  RADAR SYSTEM TEST PANEL  ASI Dealer 

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