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Avionics Specialist, Inc. works in cooperation with Collins and Bendix/King to manufacture an extensive line of specialized Aviation Electronics Test Equipment.

ASI Test Equipment can be divided into the following two categories:

OEM Replacements (mainly Collins & Bendix/King):
ASI manufactures test equipment designed to replace the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) test equipment in form, fit, and function using information provided in the original equipment Component Maintenance Manual and/or engineering data supplied by the OEM. By producing this equipment in small numbers, ASI hopes to fill a void left by the OEM to enable repair facilities to test and repair avionics equipment. The parts used in the manufacture of ASI test equipment are either OEM or the equivalent, with the exception of some cosmetic parts such as the faceplates, knobs, etc. While ASI strives to create a duplicate of the original equipment, occasionally minor changes in design are required in the manufacturing process. These minor changes do not affect the operational function of the unit.

ASI Specialized Test Equipment:
ASI has designed its own line of aviation electronics test equipment utilizing modern design and manufacturing techniques. Being primarily a service facility, ASI is able to identify what type of test equipment is required in the avionics field from a service technician's view. This equipment is designed with the technician in mind, for ease of operation and maintenance. The most popular are the ASI Pro Line and ASI-2000 System. The ASI Pro Line and ASI-2000 System, when used with an Apple IIe or PC computer (PC requires ASI-401 PC Interface Panel), will test a large line of digital avionics, concentrating primarily on the Collins Pro Line and King Gold Crown (Apple IIe only) series.

All ASI test equipment is shipped with a copy of the original equipment Component Maintenance Manual/operation instructions or schematic diagrams adequate for owner operation, maintenance, and calibration.

All ASI test equipment is guaranteed for one year(see warranty for details).

ASI stocks many of the most popular units and what is not stocked can usually be delivered within 60 to 90 days from date of order.

FAA Repair Station PK4R443M
EASA Approval EASA.145.4220

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